Pat Hanner Art Gallery
"Pepe And Penelope"
by Pat Hanner
Hi, my name is Staci I am your tour guide. Pat Hanner is my grandmother. First let me tell you about "Pepe and Penelope". This pastel chalk and charcoal portrait was commissioned by Dr. Woolington and his wife Vi. Pat traded him the original for a week's vacation in a cabin he bought from Brigham Young, of Brigham Young University. It was a treasure of memorabilia from Pacific State Hospital (now known as Lanterman Developmental Center) and Brigham Young University.

by Pat Hanner
The original charcoal drawing valued at $3,500 was drawn by Pat Hanner during the days of "Project Redo" in the 1980's or earlier. It is located at the Pat Hanner Art Gallery. It is a Pat Hanner Art Gallery collectible. For a limited time a few custom made prints are still available upon request for $29.95 (print only) especially for you. Push continue to see the rest of the tour, please.
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