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by Pat Hanner
"Gloop" is part of a wall mural done by Pat Hanner for the "Here We Grow Child Care Center". The child care center was founded by her and the women's committee at LDC in the early 1980's. This painting was one of many Sesame Street paintings done in the center.
"Lassie" was acrylic on black velvet. This combination gave it a very antique effect when the paint cracked. This painting was given to Dorothy Candy, Pat's mother who was also an RN Resident Manager at Lanterman Developmental Center. When her mother died in 1970, Pat received the picture back and it still adorns her hallway at home. A beautiful, registered, autographed print of this original can be made available to you upon request for $29.95 ready for matting, framing and hanging.

"Hang in there"
The original "Hang In There" is a charcoal drawing done by Pat Hanner. It was done in the transition phase between her love for drawing animals and charcoal portraits of people. Pat never had any art lessons. Her talent combined with the love of practicing with different art mediums allowed her to do expressions both in animals and in human faces of children. This chimpanzee was one of 5 chimpanzee pictures which ended up on some of the 22 greeting cards that she developed and produced. The chimps were drawn from a book about them. The cards are all gone and valuable collector's items now for their owners.
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