Pat Hanner Art Gallery
"29 Tiger"
The original "29 Tiger" was painted directly on the wall in a group area or living room on Residence 29 at Lanterman Developmental Center, Pomona, California. It was painted by artist Paula Maxwell who worked with Pat during "Project Redo". It was one of the first floor to ceiling wall murals painted in Pat's "Project Redo", 1981 - 1983. Prints of this wall mural are not for sale. I am showing this picture to you only to give honor to Paula for her beautiful work. She is a very gifted artist.
This picture is called "Innocence". It is a charcoal drawing done by Pat Hanner. It was made into a greeting card and a Christmas card with a Santa cap. The original was damaged by the lithographer when he tried to separate it from it's backing. Lithographs were never made. Prints can be made from a greeting card or the original retained by the artist. The few greeting cards that were made are all gone now and are collector's items as will be your special ordered print.
Thank you for taking this tour. This web page has recently been reviewed and simplified. Selective prints (only Pat's art)and card orders from this web site are now only $29.95. I'd like to encourage you to send a check in the mail and write a note telling me what you wish to order. Your order will be sent in the mail in a protective mailing tube. A Certificate of Authenticity will be included. Please include $2.50 for mailing and $1.25 for California sales tax for a total of $33.70.

Pat also has the "Masterpiece" by Bettye Myers and "Mother and Child", "Boy", "Girl" and "Father and Son" by j macdonald Henry from Jamaica in her private home gallery of art. These are some of Pat's favorite artists.

If you have enjoyed my tour please send me an e-mail at or a letter with your request. Pat would be honored to share her art in your home and love to hear your comments.
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