This parrot is one bird of many on a 4 foot masonite wall mural panel. It was painted in acrylics on the panel by Pat for Residence 26 at Lanterman Developmental Center during Project Redo. Many wall murals were done by Pat and her Crew from the California Conservation Corps in those days of the project 1991-1993. Pat was an RN Nursing Coordinator at Lanterman full time and the art wall murals were voluntarily donated. This panel, however, is now and remains in the Pat Hanner Art Gallery.

This tropical bird, a toucan, is a brightly colored, fruit-eating bird of tropical America. the toucan is distinguished by a very large beak. This bird was a part of a large wall mural in the same living area as the "29 Tiger" on Residence 29 at Lanterman.
"The Holy Spirit"
"The Holy Spirit" is a wall mural in Pat's Backyard, the whole side of her neighbor's garage. It is also the front cover of her second book "A Miracle In The Making", which is her autobiography. She is a wall muralist and her back yard is encompassed by a cement block wall is filled with gorgeous scenes. It is an artist's playground and she spends many hours out there painting. The other book that she authored was on the City of Ontario sewer system and is in the colony room at the Ontario City library.