Pat Hanner Art Gallery
The picture was given to Pat to paint by the LDC Catholic Chaplain, in 1981, when he planned to remodel the chapel. The old chapel looked like a classroom with a blackboard. Pat painted this picture at home on a 3 foot in diameter panel of Masonite. This painting was done in acrylics. It now hangs in her home/Art Gallery.
"Sorry" by Pat Hanner was done in charcoal. It was placed on a greeting card. It was one of 5 chimps done from photos in a book on chimpanzees.
"Sugar Ray Lennard"
This pastel chalk and charcoal drawing was done by Pat Hanner from a photograph on the front of a magazine when Sugar Ray was in the Olympics. The top of his head was cut off in this photograph of Pat's work, however, the original is complete. A print of this picture is available to you from the original which hangs in the private art gallery of Pat Hanner. Art collector prints come with a certificate of authenticity and are registered and autographed and numbered making them very valuable. Pat will make you a special print for only $29.95 ready for matting and framing.
"Music Man"
"Music Man" is a charcoal drawing. The original is at the private Pat Hanner Art Gallery. It was a Christmas Card.
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