Pat Hanner Art Gallery

Now ...... Take a closer look at the detail of this elegant charcoal drawing on gold parchment.....
This exquisitly clear and detailed charcoal drawing was done by Pat Hanner. It is only blurry in the first web picture, however, it gives you an idea of how elegant this picture is framed and matted in gold. The original hangs over the fireplace at Helen Mathias's home. When Helen's daughter passed away, Helen commissioned Pat to draw this portrait of Helene Guidican(1962 - 1982). Art collector lithographs come with a Certificate of Authenticity and are registered and autographed and numbered making them very valuable. Pat will send you this lithograph ready to matt and frame for only $15.00. Matted and framed this lithograph is valued by the artist at $780.00.It hangs in some elegant entryways, formal rooms, libraries and beauty salons. Pat considers this to be her finest work of art and would be honored to have it hang in your home.
"Awe Come On"
"Awe Come On" by Pat Hanner was done in charcoal. It was placed on a greeting card. It was one of 5 chimps done from photos in a book on chimpanzees.
"Eskimo Mother and Child"
"Eskimo Mother and Child" is a lithograph of a charcoal drawing. The original is at the home of one of Pat's friends. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and can be ordered for only $29.95.
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