Pat Hanner Art Gallery
"Herkimer J. Kerkowski"
The original was an acrylic painting on a Masonite panel done by Pat Hanner. It was commissioned by the Residence Manager on Residence 26 at Lanterman Developmental Center for her office door. She now has it in her home where she lives in retirement. This crystal clear mouse adorns the front of a Valentine's day card. Order a package of 20 and delight your loved ones for only $15.00.
"Santa Baby Christmas Card"
These are mini lithographs of "Santa Baby" or "Innocence" with a Santa cap. They come in packages of 20 cards and envelopes for only $15.00.
by Pat Hanner.
"A Wyland Wall Mural"
Pat painted a copy of a Wyland wall mural for Residence 23 at Lanterman, commissioned by its Residence Manager. Pat took a photograph of her original which hangs in the artist's living room, enlarged it, put it on 4 panels and had it mounted on a black rectangle for enhancing the walls of this living area. Wyland himself donated 4 lithographs for this residence. Pat admires the work of Wyland, Bettye Myers and J. Macdonald Henry and Paula Maxwell.
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