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Special No. 1
Valentines Cards by Pat Hanner

Pkg. of 20 cards and envelopes
These delightful Valentine's Cards were printed for you many years ago and there are only a few left in stock. They say I love you on the inside and on the front "Herkimer J. Kerkowski" a mini lithograph of a cute little mouse holding a strawberry painted by Pat Hanner. It was a small wall mural painted on the office door in Residence 26 at Lanterman Developmental Center. They are a rare find as they are each a valuable collector's mini lithograph. Limited supply while they last. As a collector's item they are valued at $15.00 a card. This is a wonderful gift card on Valentine's Day.
Please show me the mouse again!

Special No. 2
Custom made Prints
for you
Pat will make, special for, you prints of any of the art on her tour. Each print will come with a Certificate of authenticity. It will be numbered and of limited edition. It will be autographed by Pat Hanner. Please specify which picture you are interested in receiving. Order by E-mail at, or phone at (909l at Pat Hanner at 911 W. Rosewood Ct., Ontario, Calif. 91762 and enclose a check for $35.00. #000000 3010 Arial00C
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